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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good for Washington

According to Kaiser Daily Health Policy Reports, Washington State is suing HHS over the citizenship verification law. Hells yeah! Governor Gregoire argues that it discriminates against children born to low-income undocumented women. Heck, it discriminates against infants born to low-income women in general.  Another argument on the side of common sense is that "the regulation is illogical because the state already pays the costs of delivering the newborn and, by doing so, validates citizenship." Regular readers will know that this is something that I've been following for a while, and I feel this is a perfect example of our special brand of knee jerk reactionary xenophobic legislative action at its worst.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night I heard a painful story on NPR. An undocumented woman was being seen at a clinic in Chicago. Because she was pregnant, all of her medical expenses were covered. Five months into her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to carry the pregnancy to term and treat the cancer with drugs that would not harm her unborn child. She was well cared for until she delivered the child. Six weeks later, her coverage was cut because she was undocumented. This was her third child.

What kind of a world do we live in where that is okay? I guess it is a world where CEOs of INSURANCE companies and MEDICAL institutions make millions of dollars and yet the public (the people they are supposed to serve, in this case a mother of three) can not pay for the services and technology that can save their lives.

This is a direct result of privitazation. Deregulation has led to an insane amout of corporate control in the medical and insurance fields. Contrary to "trickle down" economic theroies, corporations do not put the best interest of human beings (undocumented or otherwise)first. Instead, they focus on profits. And clearly, insurance companies profits and CEOs high salaries are more important than treating a mother of three so that she can live to take care of her children. Real family values, right?


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