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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Air We Breathe

This is frightening (what in the world these days isn't).  The American Lung Association has a map reflecting the "State of the Air: 2007" report, which allows you to see what the air quality in your area is, right down to the county level. It tells you how many "High Ozone Days" you've had, particle pollution (aka soot) levels, and who is at risk (well, all of us are at risk as we all breathe, but there are some that are at higher risk than others). Franklin County, where Columbus is located, got a big old F in all areas, putting over 420,000 central Ohioans at increased risk, solely counting those with diabetes, and lung and cardiovascular diseases. Check out how your state and county compare. Then take action and tell the EPA to grow a pair, and tighten ozone pollution standards.


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